Business leader Eric Miller talks about how, when the dust settles, companies that plan rationally, adapt quickly, and respond intelligently will survive and might even thrive.


“I’ve got these eighty five other people to take care of. So what can we do? And I really strongly felt like we needed to get ahead of this and not react.” (00:20)

“Now we’ve got to focus on how we can keep people safe, but keep efficient and bring in what business we can, and get through this. That’s what I focus on. That’s something I can control.” (01:25)

“The other is to really focus our business on segments that aren’t going to be hurt as much.” (02:36)

“But when there’s real fear, both economic and health-based, it’s hard not to make an emotional decision. It’s hard not to just close everything down and conserve cash right now. Now is the time to really be proactive and not reactive and think rationally. And don’t let your fear, especially fear of the unknown, get in your way.” (04:28)

“It’s a good point and it is important semantics, because I don’t think that rational is non-emotional.” (05:32)

“Now is the time to really be proactive and not reactive and think rationally.”

Entrepreneur Eric Miller

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